Bently: Redefining overcompensation

Discerning buyers deserve distinctive accomodations

Introducing the ultimate in ostentatious extravagance: The White Lotus Hotel, in partnership with Bently Motors, is proud to offer our guests the chance to flaunt their wealth and privilege in the most over-the-top way possible. Stay at the White Lotus and enjoy our opulent suites, obsequious service, and lavish dining, all while rubbing shoulders with other members of the one percent.

Then, take the wheel of a decadent Bently vehicle and parade your success around town, leaving a trail of envious stares in your wake. Our partnership with Bently Motors allows us to offer our guests exclusive access to the most expensive cars on the market, each one a testament to our unapologetic excess.

Whether you’re looking to brag about your wealth to your friends, impress your business associates, or simply indulge in your own selfish desires, the White Lotus Hotel and Bently Motors have got you covered. Book your stay today and embrace the true spirit of entitlement.